Words of Wisdom by Seth Godin: Entitlement is the joy killer

My son’s high school baseball coach this morning sent out an email entitled “Entitlement is the joy killer.” When I clicked on it, I recognized the column by author/blogger Seth Godin.

The part that resonates most with me: “When you receive something you feel entitled to, something expected, that you believe you’ve earned, it’s not worth much. And when you don’t receive it, you’re furious. After all, it’s yours. Already yours. And you didn’t get it.”

Sound familiar?

Entitlement is defined as the amount to which a person has a right. It is a label stuck firmly to the millennial generation–they want high return for minimal effort, everyone is a winner regardless of where they finish, and everyone gets a trophy (my son actually got a trophy when he was 7 for a basketball team we signed up for–but for which he NEVER PLAYED A GAME!).

Truthfully, it’s not a millennial issue–we have it in every generation. There are those in every time, society and culture who feel they are owed, even if they have not earned. The key to growth, as Godin points out, is to recognize the difference between entitlement–and worthiness.

Hope you will check out this column. Let me know what you think.


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