Welcome to @OhioState #Journalism–now let’s get to work!

I love the start of the semester for so many reasons, not the least of which is the chance to meet so many students from different places, who have different goals and bring different assets to each course.

Truthfully, the day before a semester begins feels like a play that is about to open. The actors and stage crew (professors) are furiously preparing, while anticipation builds for the audience (students).

But this relationship will last far longer than a one-night play.

Students don’t yet know much about me and I less about them, but we are about to be connected for the next 16 weeks–or more in some cases. We will see each other two, three or even four days a week–which is kore than you see a lot of people.

I know some parts of our relationships will fulfill us both. Other parts will be stressful.

There will be arguments and disagreements.

In truth, a class can be much like a family with many of the same emotional highs and lows, but all of it conducted with the utmost respect and affection.

There are easy ways to be successful in all of your classes. Come on time and stay the whole session. Try your best. Read the syllabus to get as much information and ask questions if there are things you do not understand. Do the work that is asked. Dedicate our time together to learning the material and come prepared.

Treat others with respect and earn respect in return.

We will work hard.

We will play hard.

There will be times it feels like too much and times you feel like you have really mastered a great skill.

Remember, we will do it all together and we are all working toward the same goal–to make you be the person, and have the career, of which you dream.

Thanks for being part of our Journalism and Communication family. It’s going to be a great semester.


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