Entering No-Man’s Land: Welcome to Week 10

In the good, old days at Ohio State, when quarters were king, we would be finishing up our classes this week.

Assignments would be completed.

Finals would be just around the corner.

Good professors would be missed and the bad ones, well, you know…

These, however, are not the good, old days.

This is the era of semesters.

Now week 10 means we are barely past the mid-way point. There are midterms and projects. Good professors may start to get on your nerves. Bad professors, well, you know…

In short, we have six weeks to go, the work is ramping up and you are already exhausted.

Trust me, I know how fatigued you feel, and I know how insurmountable our tasks may seem.

But please know you are not alone, and the push through will result in some of the most amazing work you have ever done.

Here is what I can promise over the next six weeks:

We will work hard.

We will learn new skills.

We will eat candy.

We will use what we have learned already to do even more in-depth and quality work.

We will laugh.

We may cry.

We will create a bond with skills–and each other–forged in fire.

Those skills will help make you marketable as graduation nears, and will carry you into your chosen career with the confidence that you are ready to do the work.

Our relationship will serve you long past our class time–in editing, career connections, references, advice, celebrations, a shoulder on which to cry.

Your journalism professors are here for you now and will continue to be here for you long after this class, and long after you graduate.

So hang in there for the next six weeks.

I promise to make it worth your while.


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