Happy Bithday Digital Unions–Celebrate with #DUturns10

ch31_fig1_webThe Digital Unions are one of the greatest treasures at Ohio State, providing state-of-the-art equipment, expertise and a terrific learning space for students in all of our Comm classes.

And they just got even better.

The Digital Union is now celebrating a decade of serving campus by opening two new locations and hosting a week of events, capped off with the grand opening of the new digital recording space in Denney Hall.

(4-6 pm)
M 9/8
ODEE Consultations

T 9/9
Carmen Workshop

W 9/10
Prior HSL
Afternoon with the Advisors

R 9/11
Open Ed Resources at Ohio State

F 9/12
Performing Arts Open House
*Grand Opening

Events have specific themes, but all are open to everyone. They’ll include demos of the spaces, staff to point out the most valuable features for your work–and free refreshments!

See the full event listing.


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