#osucomm2221: Getting Up to Speed and Getting to Know News

We are getting up to speed in news writing, with a few goals for tomorrow’s class:

1. Jimena and Jackie are up for our first news brief, and all other assigned dates are now on the syllabus. Let’s make it four questions for everyone–two for each of you!

2. Don’t forget to tweet to tell us about the person for whom your house is named. All are HIGHLY accomplished. If they have an Ohio State connection–please mention it. You can also tag them on Twitter and see if you can engage them in a dialogue. All are living and tweeting.

3. We still need your blog at u.osu.edu. Please send me the link by Wednesday!

Our first extra-credit opportunity os Thursday at 6 p.m., when Society for Professional Journalists meets in 106 Journalism. This is a terrific organization with many networking opportunities. I hope you will join them–and join SPJ. for more information, visit its website.


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