Whether writing with style or making a deadline, it was a tough week for all

Kraft of Writing

This was a tough week for all of us, and you could tell by our tweets.

First, Comm 2221.

It was midterm week (even though the semester is a month away from the end), and our assignment is in two parts: 50-questions of AP Style and current events, followed by a deadline writing assignment.

Sent forth with just three writing prompts–weather, campus food or the South Campus Gateway–my news writing students had to develop a story idea (with news or feature value), get sources and write 350-500 words in 24 hours. The best ones get sent to The lantern for hopeful publication.

Here was their reaction:

Screenshot 2014-03-22 17.52.42 Screenshot 2014-03-22 17.52.51
Screenshot 2014-03-22 17.53.25 Screenshot 2014-03-22 17.53.31
Screenshot 2014-03-22 17.52.31 Screenshot 2014-03-22 17.36.01
Screenshot 2014-03-22 17.36.12 Screenshot 2014-03-22 17.35.43

In truth, no one came close to failing the assignment, and all came back with stories that ranged from interesting to outstanding. And more importantly they learned what it’s like to feel reporter pressure, to press for answers, to make sources angry…

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