Ohio State Journalism students: Apply Now for 3 Internships THAT PAY!

We have been contacted about there internships–all that provide great experience and they are paid!:

1. Two paid internships have been posted on Buckeye Careers Network.  Both taking applications until the end of this month.
Graphic Design Intern, ID#: 25258364
Marketing Communications Intern, ID#: 25258328

2. R. Brian Stone in the Department of Design is seeking an intern for a small company he is involved with. He co-developed a gardening app Sprout it which has been operation for a year. The candidate would be responsible for content management, proofing, and research. 10 hours per week are the expectations and most of the work may be done at your home location. Only a few hours required in his  5th and High St office for an orientation to the system. He is seeking potential journalism/writing candidates and is seeking to fill this position fairly quickly. (stone.158@osu.edu)

Hope you will apply!!!


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