Oyez! Oyez! Comm 3404 SCOTUS to Continues its Fall Session

We are two cases down and two more to go on our oral arguments before our version of the Supreme Court of the United States in Comm 3404, Media Law and Ethics.

Here are our results so far:

1. Wikileaks v the United States (modeled after the New York Times v United States prior restraint case) 6-3 in favor of the United States

2. The Columbus Dispatch v. Columbus City School (open meetings in Ohio) 6-0 in favor of The Columbus Dispatch

We will hear these two cases next week:

3. Obsidian Finance Group v Cox (are bloggers journalists)

4. AP v the United States, where we build off the Jewel v NSA case to address government access to reporter phone calls.

Over the next week, our students will continue to become the justices with whom they have become familiar over the past six weeks, and will see how those justices would decide cases that could shape the future of media.

Stay tuned for our remaining verdicts.


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