Good Night and Good Luck to Ohio State’s #osucommclass of 2013

IMG_0151The Spring Semester is drawing to a close, and bringing with it a myriad of emotions: relief, fatigue, inspiration, loss and joy.

I already miss the many wonderful students with whom I have spent the past three years (some of whom are pictured above in my Comm 3404 Media Law and Ethics class) and are now graduating to the careers for which they have been well prepared. I am thrilled for them and know their departure simply makes space for another inspirational group of future journalists.

Although I have no classes this semester, this will be a summer of learning for me as I design a new prep (Comm 2210 News Design–join us!), convert and revitalize an established course for iTunes U (Comm 4202 Magazine Writing) and “flip” the Comm 2221 (Writing and Editing for News) classroom so we can spend more class time putting core journalism concepts to work (and hoping the Digital First Impact Grant for which I applied comes through to augment that work with iPads!).

The future is now, and I’m ready to get started!


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