Bloggers, bloggers everywhere in Ohio State’s Comm Classes

There are few things more fun than blogging, because you can be expressive, creative, informative, questioning and even funny.

Comm 2221 blogs away at Ohio State!
Comm 2221 blogs away at Ohio State!

We are in my Comm 2221 class working on our blogs and learning how to embed all the fun accessories a blog can feature–videos, photos, links, tags.

One the most entertaining parts of the semester is watching the development of blogs and seeing how the writing of my students evolves with them.

In an informal poll of Comm 2221, we decided some of the most fun things we have learned this semester were:


  • AP Style (they might be lying about this)
  • Blogging
  • Using “more than” and not “over”
  • Interviewing
  • Asking interview subjects for “2 minutes”
  • Meeting David Carr
  • Discovering bloggers like “The Naked Redhead” and “Drink Up Columbus
  • Reporting on events and getting quotes.

Less than two weeks left in the semester and still so much to teach, but they have come to far. Great work to all!



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