Interested in Science Journalism? Two Great Opportunities!

If you want to get involved in science journalism or have an interest in science, check out these two opportunities:

“Communicating Personalized Genomics: A Deliberative Forum”

This round-table colloquium hosted by NPR’s Joe Palca will be held at the WOSU @ COSI studios at 4 p.m. Jan. 31. It will feature distinguished guest experts from a diversity of academic disciplines.  Personalized genomics has the potential to revolutionize health care delivery, but it remains a deeply unfamiliar science to most of the American public.  The forum is designed to identify strategies to better communicate the positives and negatives relating to personal genomics.

Please RSVP to by Jan. 25.

Byrd Polar Research Center

The Byrd Polar Research Center is looking to hire an undergraduate student who has some background in science to collect and edit media. If you are interested, please contact Nicole ASAP.


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