WSYX anchor Bob Kendrick shows 422 the news broadcast business

Bob Kendrick, the anchor on WSYX Channel 6 and Channel 28 stopped by for a visit today in Comm 422, and I am sure a lot of us are still processing all that he offered.

What a story he has to tell–having started in radio in a small Canadian town where he had stopped to rest on his way to become a fisherman in Alaska. Fifteen minutes into his first night on the air the news broke that John Lennon died, and Kendrick’s wild ride has never slowed.

After stints in Florida and Denver he ended up behind the Channel 6/28 desk next to Yolanda Harris, but he showed us he doesn’t stay there long. I can’t think of any anchor who does as much reporting as Bob, and as a “one-man band,” shooting, writing scripts, editing, voicing. The pieces he showed us had heart and emotion, sensitivity and care that can sometimes be missing from TV news.

Along with his clips, Bob brought a package of scripts including his hand-written notes to show a story’s evolution. And hearing how he strays from the teleprompter to provide the most accurate and entertaining information made my students sit up and think about what exactly goes into being a news personality.

Three hours after Bob left a student asked for his email, as Bob had offered to guide their projects and even help them in the field. She asked me, “Do you really think he was serious about that?”

Judging from his enthusiasm and the care he showed my students and his career, I certainly do.

Thanks Bob–you can bet they will be calling!

To follow Bob’s comments to Comm 422, please check our topic on Twitter at #osunewsclass


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